Smoked Lemon/Lime Herbed Lamb Riblets recipe

How to cook Lamb Riblets on a Smoker.

To successfully cook Lamb riblets, you must let the riblets marinate overnight in your fridge. Follow the recipe below for best result.

how to smoke lamb riblets recipe

Lemon herb and Lime Lamb riblets

Lamb riblets soaked in Lemon /lime juice with herbs and garlic
Prep Time 8 hrs
Cook Time 6 hrs
Course Main Course
Cuisine australian


  • BBQ smoker
  • charcoal and wood chips


  • 500 grams Lamb riblets from butcher
  • 1 lemon lemon fresh lemon
  • 1 lime lime fresh lime
  • 250 ml lemon juice juice from bottle
  • 250 ml lime juice juice from bottle
  • 4 cloves Garlic fresh
  • 1 onion onion fresh


  • Put lamb riblets into pot and squeeze fresh lemon and lime juice over lamb add lemon/lime juice from bottles until lamb is covered add water as needed.Add zest of lemon and lime.
    how to smoke lamb riblets recipe
  • add chopped onion /garlic and dried herbs int°o pot .Cover pot and place into fridge for 6-8 hours
    how to smoke lamb riblets recipe
  • Heat up BBQ/smoker to 125 Degrees Celsius to 150 Degrees Celsius.Your after a slow cook like you would for a stew.
  • Remove pot with Lamb riblets from fridge and place pot onto BBQ/smoker uncovered for first 2hrs to allow smoke and charcoal flavour into ribs /sauce.Add wet wood chips to BBQ/smoker
    how to smoke lamb riblets recipe
  • At 2hrs check on Lamb riblets and amount of liquid in pot add water as required.The mixture should be just bubbling away like a slow stew cook.Add lid or cover with foil.If heat falls to between 115 degrees to Celsius 125 degrees Celsius that's ok.
    how to smoke lamb riblets recipe
  • at 5hr mark check on ribs ,remove lid add more add more wood chips to coals leave lid of for last hour.This will reduce lemon/lime mixture and brown the lamb .
    how to smoke lamb riblets recipe
  • 6hrs remove from BBQ/Smoker . The meat will fall of the ribs .Some of the bones will be soft. Serve either on mashed potato or Mashed sweet potato.
    If you want the caramelised burn on the Lamb take out of pot and fry lamb in a fry pan at high heat for 2 mins.
    How to cook lamb riblets


Lemon herb and Lime Lamb Riblets
Soak lamb Riblets over night in fridge in a mixture of Lemon/lime juice with onion/garlic/zest and herbs added to mixture. Heat BBQ/smoker to 125 -150 Degrees Celsius . Remove from fridge and place onto BBQ/smoker uncovered. Add wood chips to coals for smoke(your choice of woodchip). Allow to sit for first 2hrs uncovered to allow coals and smoke to flavour the Lamb and the lemon /lime mixture.
You will want it to slow cook from the start like a good stew.
Check on lamb Riblets at the 2hr mark the liquid would have reduced and the lamb will have a nice brown colour. Add water if required and cover and allow to continue to cook.
At the 5hr mark remove covering on pot and let it cook for the last hour.
6hrs remove from BBQ/smoker serve on top of mashed potato or mashed sweet potato.
If u require a bit of extra charcoaling on Lamb put lamb riblets into a frying pan on high for 2 mins
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